Thank you for visiting us
For customers who are currently using the cafe, please cooperate with “Requests when using our cafe”
We have prepared seats according to the “Chachanoma Seating System(Weekends)”.
《Requests when using our cafe》

■ We would limit the number of people in the shop to 2 people per group.
■ When shop is crowded , there will be a 90minites time limit.
■ One person one order please.
■ Please wait outside because the inside of the store is narrow.
■ Please put the stroller outside.
■ Please do not use ones that have a strong scent such as perfume or hand cream inside the store.
■ Please do not make calls inside the store and watch the video with a sound.
《Chachanoma Seating System(Weekends)》
“Chachanoma Seating System” is a reservation system that takes seats at the store on the Weekends.
f there is a vacancy in the seating chart at the time of your visit, we will let you make a table without reservation.
Please sign your name on the “seat chart” for each time slot at the store and come to the store at that time again.
We could not call your sellphone.Please do not write your phone number.

The name on the “seating chart” of the day will start around 12:00 on the day.
When the “seat chart” for each time slot is filled, the seat reception for that time will end.
If you arrive past the time of your arrival, your reservation will be cancelled.

The seating system only reserves seats.
Please note that some items may be out of stock when you visit us.

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